During the past 20 years wine production methods have sped up to sell wines quicker. To speed up the wine production lots of chemicals, fertilizers, machines, and additives are used to produce grapes, and finally to produce wines. A lot of wineries have become bigger and bigger, so the wine grower is more a production manager instead of taking care of his vines and wines. The idea was to lower the costs, and produce the wines in a quicker way.

Unfortunately a lot of organic wines are also used for their popularity and have become very commercial; the result is that a lot of organic wines are nowadays produced in factories, and not in wineries. The result is boring wines with not a lot of taste, without concentration, without character, they all taste more or less the same.


But fortunately there are still wine growers who take the time to produce quality wines with character and authentic taste. They are proud of their Slow-Wines. A Slow Wine can only be produced if it is produced in an authentic, traditional, ecological way on a human scale using grapes from organic or biodynamic agriculture.


Slow wine growers are looking for biodiversity; they prefer to pick the grapes by hand to select only the best grapes at their perfect ripeness. They take time to produce a quality wine without additives and the use of sophisticated mechanical treatments of the wine. They take the time to age a wine in a natural way and let nature do its work… naturally! The result is a quality wine with concentration, a unique taste, and character. A wine that is also good for your health and the environment.

Slow Wine producers try also to reduce the CO2 production by fewer treatments in the vines, less mechanical interventions in the vines and the use of ecologically produced bottles, recycled paper and cardboard

Rules for Slow Wine:

The perfect way to enjoy a Slow-Wine needs time, a good meal and good company.

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